Sunday, March 7, 2010

City Farmers Browns Plains Promo

Hidy Ho friends
Well did'nt we have a great day yesterday. Mama J took us to our first Greyhound Promotion for the year at City Farmers. We caught up with Leona, Butch, Gypsy, Sally and Ruby. The people who run the shop where very friendly to us.
Now Grace tell everyone what you did it's your turn to be a disGRACE (BOL BOL) for a change
Do I have to
Yes you do
oh alright well its seems that I had a sensory overload some many smells and one smell stood out in particular. Mama J was curious to see what was making my nose twitch so much so we went for a walk and I lead her straight to the CHICKENS *drowl drowl* so many to choose from I mean look at then I did the unforgivable I started barking oh Mama J was sooooo embarrassed especially as I am the good girl
Yeah Mama J is going to use that term loosely from now on - BOL BOL
GRRRR. anyway she dragged me back and made me lay on my mat. I can still here their little voices "cheep cheep" -"come and play Grace come and play" over and over in my head it was so unfair. I then started to whine abit. Let me tell you Mama J was not impressed. I decided to get a bit of revenge back so when mama J moved away from me I would start to whine until she came back hehehe naughty are'nt I. I finally settled down after chowing down on a pigs ear instead. all in all it was a great day so we will leave you with some photos from the day till next time

Butch being mesmorized by the fish


Rebecca Mama J and the hounds

Ruby lining up an adopter

Milly chowing down

Grace spies the chickens

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silence of the Lambs

oh man. Mama J is so bummed. She found out last night that we are still suppose to have our muzzles on when we go off lead at the park. The new non-muzzle laws are just for walking on our leads. So Milly has been wondering around the house all day practicing her Hanibel Lecter impersonations go on Mill show them
*Milly clears her throat* and in her best Hannibel Lecter voice
"So Clarice are the lambs still screaming"
BOL BOL oh Milly you crack me up
Heres one Grace "Tastes like chicken"
BOL BOL BOL oh oh you gotta do that one when you run the fence line next time and one of those small fluffy dogs come along. BOL BOL
hey look TWINS

okay we are outta here before we get into trouble cya later guys


xx Milly


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Party in the park

OK Mama J said we could get back on the computer but we are on probation so we have to be good for a whole month. Man that is going to kill me but I will try so here goes *through gritted teeth* Milly would you like to come and tell people about your party in the park.
Thanks Grace and I forgive you
YOU WHAT why you no remain calm breath in breath out don't let the blonde get to you calm calm calm right then thank you Milly. Heheheh you are so not going to be able to do it grace BOL BOL
Milllllllyyyyyyyy I'm watching you
oops hehehehe sorry Mama J just fooling with Grace
Hi folks well I sure had a fantastic time down at the park on Sunday all my sorry our friends were there and Mama J made cupcakes and lolly bags and we ran around like dang fools Mama J said something about we were on a sugar high what ever that is but no matter we had fun. When we came home Mama J, Papa E and Grace sang Happy Birthday to me but I nearly burnt my nose on the candle so I was'nt to keen to go near the cake until the candle was gone. Anyway here are some photos from my birthday party.
Hey Milly guess what? Nana J and Great Aunt A are going to come and look after us for a couple of days while Mama J and Papa E and Aunty A go down south to see Grandad R and Nana J for Grandad R's birthday.
Oh cool Great Aunt A is sooooo nice she thinks we are the coolest oohhhh lots of cuddles and pats
Hey I wonder if we will be able to con more food out of them.
hehehehe if anyone can do it Grace its you. Anyway folks have a great week and we will talk to you soon
Mama J

MMMMMMMM cakeYes please I'll have anotherour friend Diesel

Sugar High Grace

Sugar High Milly Our friend Secoi (sorry not quite sure how to spell it)

Our Friend Munchie

Aunty Sherie, Diesel, Benson, Thomas, Duke & Secoi

getting ready for the trip home

On our way homeHappy Birthday to me

Chow down Grace I'd like mine in bed please

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Drama Queen

Milly Uittenbosch you take those bandages off right now. Grace did not hurt you enough that you required first aid. Boy you sure are a drama queen but today I will forgive you
because.....its........ your
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet girl. Grace say Happy Birthday
oh alright Happy Birthday Milly cow
Grace I heard that
*Grace sniggers*
Now you two shake paws and become friends again
*Milly and Grace shake paws and Milly gives Grace a bear hug*
LET GO OF ME I.......CAN'T..........BREATH
Oh you big lug you
Milly make sure you show everyone your new collar
righto Mama J.. see everyone its a bling collar
Ok you 2 off the computer you are still grounded
I may let them get on again this afternoon Iwill just see how they behave today. Have a good day everyone
Mama J

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Dear

Now Grace before you get on the computer there is something I have to tell you. No Grace don't get on the computer GRACE don't get... Oh dear too late.
Oh shoot Milly you had better run and run fast
Gotcha Mama J. Milly outta here
No No No Grace settle Grrrracccccccceeeee come on you gotta have a sense of humour "OUCH"
GRACE get Milly's tail out of your mouth and take her out of that head lock NOOO don't try and put her head in the tiolet bo.....oops too late.
Milly don't you dare shake in here take yourself outside and GRACE GET ON YOUR BED.
ME why are you yelling at ME I was the victim here
Milly stop whimpering you are not hurt I told you not to tease Grace on the computer. GRACE...... BED.......NOW. fair dinkum you 2.
No thats it no computer privledges over the weekend
Sorry folks I knew I should of got to the computer before Grace but I forgot what Milly had done. So the girls won't be around for the weekend. THEY have some thinking to do *glares are Milly and Grace* I hope you all have a great weekend.
Mama J

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm the queen of the castle and you're the dirty rascal

Howdy folks
Milly the monster here. Thought I would sneak on the puter whilst Madam Cranky Pants was sleeping. Mama J took us to the park on Sunday (in between rain spells) and boy oh boy did we have fun. I was running up and down the fence line bouncing in the puddles, Grace was going absolutely crazy Mama J kept screaming at her to slow down in case she slipped and broke a leg or something but neither of us took any notice of her (BOL BOL) she spent most of the time running around in the mud trying to catch us but hey do you seriously think she was going to succeed nup nada nix not a chance. Anyway we all had fun but Mama J did have the last laugh. When she got us home I knew we were in for it when she did not take us inside but took us around the side of the house were the dreaded hose is. Yep you got it she hosed us down boy did we look a sorry sight after it she kept muttering "run away from me will you well we will just see who is running now" then Papa E came out and rescued us and gave us a nice towel dry. We were'nt allowed in the house for a while but my pathetic whimpering at the door got to much and they succumbed and let us in.
I was pawing through Mama J's camera and found these photos and could not resist putting them up. Man is Grace going to chuck a fit when she sees what photos I have been putting on the blog but hey if you give you gotta expect to get got so I would like to present ME the queen lounging on the bed and GRACE the peasant on the floor like a common dog (BOL BOL BOL) if you don't know what BOL is it means "Bark Out Loud" its the doggy equivilent to LOL. Enjoy the photos they and me may not last long once Grace finds them




Monday, February 8, 2010

Have I told you guys how much I HATE thunderstorms

Man I don't think that I like summer very much not only do us greys have to put up with the stinking heat we also well I also have to contend with those nasty thunderstorms. We had another the other night that sort of snuck up on us. Let me tell you I near peed my bed when that thunder sounded. Milly lept up as if to say' who what where why how come what for " she sort of looked a bit scary herself.
Well what do you expect Grace you scared the life out of me when you lept up out of bed.
I headed for Mama J's recliner and made myself comfortable on that maybe I was thinking that if my feet don't touch the ground the thunder won't get me. Of course Mama J had to get that stupid camera out . I looked "so cute" she says I'll give her cute wait till she leaves one of her precious scrapbooking pages out hehehe we will see who is cute then.
Oh man you are Nasty tonight Grace.
Well I don't like being scared and Mama J should not say I look cute when I am shaking in my paws.
Well anyway that was the other night I have watching the weatherman real close and he is not predicting any storms at the moment so hopefully I can settle down again till the next one. Any way thats all folks have a good week and I will catch up with you all soon
Grace & Milly

Hey Pssssst *Milly whispering* you guys you wanna see that photo hehehehehe

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off To The Beach

After 3 weeks of rather yukky weather we finally got a beautiful day so Mama J and Papa E took Milly and myself off to the Spit at Main Beach. Man was it crowded but it sure was a lovely day. I did'nt mind going for the walks but I really REALLY did not like the swimming part but Mama J made me go in and how embarrassing she had to hold me like I was some dang pup that could'nt swim. Mama J said I looked so cute with my little head sticking out of the water sitting over her shoulder then she made me swim back to shore. I managed to do that with as much dignity as I could muster and I held my head up high as I staggered out of the water. Mama J then took Milly in.
I was scared to Grace but after a while I got use to it and she also made me swim back to shore.
After our little torture session was over it was back to the shade and a nice lie down with some treats. Mill and I both crashed when we got home. Hope you enjoy the photos

till next time



Grace & Milly

Mama J and Milly

Milly in da zone

Please can we go home

The papparazzi are so annoying

Just chillin

dreaming of bunnies

Monday, January 11, 2010

GAP January walk

Hope the new year is treating all my GREYT friends well. Well we had our first GAP walk to Southbank on Saturday Jan 9th. It was nice to catch up with my buddy Murphy and Milly and I got to meet Prancer his foster brother. Leona and Butch were there as well as Bling, Harry, Tammy and a couple of other greys that I can't quite remember. HEY MILL can you remember who else was at the walk.
No sorry Grace.
Oh well not to worry we had a nice walk although it did get a bit scary in a couple of places. We were all just walking along when Mama J turned round and could'nt see half our group. they just disappeared. so we continue walking hoping to meet them back at the starting point. we starting walking through this nice cool rainforest part and zowy we last another person and grey. Mama J was getting worried (she watches alot of horror movies) she was starting to think that someone was kidnapping all the Greyt Greyhounds of Brisbane. She said to me " don't panic Grace just don't start running because if youu do you will fall over and hurt your ankle well I have four ankles so there was no way I was going to start running. If anyone attacked us I would of just thrown Milly at them.
Hey Grace not nice.
Just joking BOL BOL Anyway we made it out of the rainforest remaining group intact and back to the starting point. We finally managed to meet all our group again thank goodness it was just a case of chatting with friends and walking through markets except for poor Butch the heat got to him and he had to rest (I just think he did not want to walk anymore with that pink muzzle on). Anyway it was a nice walk so till next time here are some photos from the day
Grace & Milly

hehehheh Grace did'nt tell you about this little incident did she. BOL BOL. guess who would'nt go down the stairs BOL BOL

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well finally someone has remembered my birthday. Last year Mama J forgot but this year she got it right. Mama J made me a new collar and it is a nice purple one that I think I look drop dead gorgeous in. I also got a pigs ear and a schmako chew thingy. Mama J also made some doggy friendly cupcakes to take to the park with some doggy lolly bags. mama J had to keep making sure that the humans at the park did not eat the cupcakes as they had schmakos in them BOL BOL. Then after tea Mama J and Papa E and Big Bro A sang happy birthday to me and even Milly had a party hat on. They had to sing pretty fast as my tongue was getting awful close to the candle. hmmmm burnt doggy hair not a great smell I would be thinking. Anyway that is about all. Milly and I had a really quiet christmas. Mama J did'nt even take any photos. Silly Big Bro A hurt the hound mobile on christmas Eve so that sought of took the sparkle out of christmas but they did not forget my birthday so that was even better. Here are some photos from today till next time take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GAP Christmas Party 2009

Hello friends hope this warm weather is not getting too warm for our doggie pals. On Sunday 22nd November we had our Greyhound Adoption Program christmas party at Roma Street Parklands. It was a wonderful day we had doggie paw painting, raffles, a fancy dress parade which yours truly came 2nd and Mama J helped organise musical doggy mats and pass the bone. Mama J went overboard AGAIN on our costumes. Man someone has to stop her from doing this to us anyway thats all for the moment I will leave you with some photos take care
Grace & Milly

Whose a beautiful girl then

can you not hold me so tight

Milly to pooped to party anymore

Its my party dress and I will sit in the dirt if I want to

arrrr ain't we cute

arggghhhh me hearties heheheh thats skully the pirate

paw painting anyone

oh christmas tree oh christmas I'd love to cock my leg on thee BOL BOL

Bailey the Beggar

someone does'nt like their party hat hehehe

Did someone wash these dogs in hot water they seemed to of shrunk

arrrhhhhhhhh thats better

Is this my best side says milly